Slow Surrender on an Amazon bestseller list!

So if you’ve been following any of my social media, you probably know that about a month ago, my BDSM erotic romance novel, SLOW SURRENDER, was published by Hachette/Grand Central Publishing in ebook form (with paperback to follow in August).
Today I checked the book’s Amazon page for new reviews and noticed not only had the book’s overall Amazon ranking gone up, the book has climbed its way onto the Kindle Erotica bestsellers list! It was at #79 of the top 100 when I looked. If you’re curious, this is what that looks like: (you can’t hear me squeeeing very loudly, you can just look…)

Slow Surrender at #79 on the Amazon Erotica Bestsellers List
I noticed it on the book’s page itself, right under where the rank number appears in the “Product Description”. The first book I had get onto one of these Top 100 lists was Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, but that one jumped up because it was being given away free, so it was on the Free side of the list (the righthand side of the list), whereas this is the first thing I’ve seen on the PAID side of the list for me! (The left.)
Here’s a screencap from the page, just cuz I’m that excited about it:

I have no idea if it will keep climbing or if it will drop off, but if you’ve been meaning to download the ebook anyway, now might be a great time to help it climb?
If anyone sees it go higher in either overall ranking or in the bestseller lists, please grab a screencap for me?


    1. Next book (which will be called Slow Seduction) is slated for January 28, 2014! I’m supposed to put the revised manuscript on my editor’s desk this coming Monday, in fact. I can’t wait until people can read it, too!

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