Vote for me & Daron

More than half the voting time has gone by for the Rose & Bay awards for crowdfunded creativity!
A project of mine, Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, has been nominated, and is even in second place in the voting right now! Woo!
You can go vote here:
Voting closes on Feb 28th.
Many of the other projects listed there are not only worth a vote, but worth reading. I’m fond of Alexandra Erin’s Tales of MU myself (which I nominated and is one of the crowdfunded online novels I have donated to myself, even though I’m only a fraction of the way into reading it… SOMEDAY I shall really have time to read again, no really… which is my roundabout way of saying if you DO read it on my rec, NO SPOILERS please…!)
Anyway, many are worthy of a vote, but I humbly hope for yours. Thank you! And tell your friends to check out the awards, too!

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