Review squee time!

OK, so they got the title backwards & slightly wrong… but I don’t care! A reviewer at MANIC READERS romance reviews loved Magic University! It’s the first review I’ve gotten on this book/series so I’m quite excited! (As you can probably tell…)
Choice quotes:
“Magical University Book One: The Sword and the Siren is just as Ms. Tan described, a Harry Potter for adults.”
“The best fantasy combines the mystical we’re aware of with the fruits of the author’s imagination. It’s all fascinating, fun and pure escapism. Ms. Tan has done a wonderful job in Magical University Book One: The Sword and the Siren, writing my favorite kind of fantasy.”
“Joining Kyle as he experienced many rites of passage, both ordinary and magical, was a delight. It was such a treat to escape to Veritas. The world of “magic users” is enticing and I look forward to spending more time at Veritas… Count me in for the whole series, it’s just that good.”
You can read the whole review here:

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