Chatting tonight! 6:30 pm to 8:30 eastern US time on uStream!

All righty! The online chat to celebrate the release of Slow Surrender is tonight!
(To submit a question for me to answer in the chat, either email it to ctan.writer at gmail dot com, or leave it in comments!)
My plan is still to run simultaneous feeds to Google Hangout (YouTube) and uStream, though today I had trouble getting a test of Google hangout to run… We’ll do whatever we can. Ustream is a definite–I can run it off my phone if necessary!
I’ll read some hot snippets from Slow Surrender, talk about what life is like for a BDSM romance writer in a post-50-Shades world, and maybe even read some exclusive content never before published…? Tune in and join the party!
My uStream channel is:

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