The Prince's Boy: 34

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Part 34: Jorin
There was a moment, one morning, when I was half-asleep still, when I believed that everything that had happened had been an awful nightmare, and that the man in my arms was Kenet. I could taste the back of his neck where my nose was buried, and hear the frits on the balcony, and I thought, what a terrible dream that had been and thank the sky above that all was well.
I slid my hand down his body to seek his cock, to bring him to full hardness before he could wake. As I did, though, I felt a sudden ache inside me, a sudden need for him. I gasped and jerked and that woke him.
Kan. He chuckled. “Good morning, lover.”
“G-good morning…”
He turned to look at me, his brows knit with concern. “Are you well, Jorin?”
“I’m not sure.” I slipped my hand off him but the throbbing need inside me stayed the same. “I… is it always like this?”
He reached for my cheek, just a caress, but it calmed me to feel that he cared. “You’ll need to be more specific. Is what always like what?”
He knew Night Magic. He probably knew better words for it than I did, but I tried. “It’s like a hunger in me, a painful one, whenever…” I hadn’t quite made the connection until now. “Whenever you get hard.”
Kan just looked at me for a moment, his expression changeless. Was he trying to see if I was lying? I didn’t know. Then he spoke. “It’s the bond’s magic. It wasn’t meant to be quite so strong, but perhaps something about you has strengthened it.”
“Something about me?”
He pushed me gently onto my back and kissed me, then suckled at one of my nipples until I mewled like a kitten. Then he stroked me with one hand while he propped his head up on his bent arm and answered my question. “Yes, something about you. Maybe having been owned all your life made you more receptive to the submissive role. It could be your longing for your prince meant the spell settled more deeply because of how vulnerable your heart is. Or perhaps it’s purely your inherent sensuality that is causing this reaction.” He reached for the pot of grease he always kept within arms reach of where he slept, specifically for this purpose. As the first finger breached me, the ache eased a little, but I knew it would soon return in greater force if he did not fuck me.
It had been several days since my initiation and binding, but only on hearing him say the words did the pattern become clear to me. “So, I will ache with need until you spill. Must you spill inside me? Or will my lust abate if you are satisfied some other way?”
“Given that I did not anticipate you would have this reaction to the spell, I cannot say for sure. Perhaps we should experiment? Would you like to do that?”
I pulled at him. “I would like you to fuck me.”
“I know. But seriously, Jorin, the purpose of the spell was not to make you my–our–whoreslave, but merely to secure your loyalty. Yes, some of the binding elements are the same, but… lightning strike me if I lie, but I did not intend it to go this far. Are you sure it isn’t merely that you’re attracted to me, and now that you have had my cock, you simply want it again?”
“Speculate later,” I growled. “Fuck me now.”
“All right, if you insist.” He mounted me then despite the fact he’d barely stretched me, but the intense sensation that swept through me as he rammed in could hardly be called pain. It was bliss.
He worked himself to the edge of coming, then backed off. “It isn’t good for you to be too closely tied to me alone,” he said. “We must let one of the others have a turn.”
“What would happen if the bond between us… tightened?” I imagined it like a set of ropes connecting us together, drawing tighter and tighter.
“You’ve already told me your heart belongs to Kenet. If you’re going to be with him, someday the bond between us will need to be severed. If we make it too strong, the only way to break it will be to do severe damage to one or both of us.” He had slowed the thrusts into my body then, and I savored the feeling of him going in and out.
“You’re right, that would be bad,” I said. “But how can I be sure you’re not merely feeding me a story to justify making me the fucktoy of every man here? After my experiences with Seroi, I do not trust Night Magic any more than I can see my hand in total darkness.”
“Rightly so,” he nodded. “In fact, you cannot be sure. But I will tell you this. Our intent, if you will remember, was for you not to know whom your many masters are. The way the spell has taken you, though, I have no doubt you will be able to tell who they are easily enough. Unless we allow things to solidify on me alone, you may find you have the talent to know when any of those who took you in the woods that day are hard and in need of release. That was definitely not our intent.”
“All right.” That made sense.
“I would like to test it, if you’re willing.”
“I must spill first, and your aching will subside, will it not? And then I will go wake one of the others, and make him hard, and we shall see if you sense it.”
“And what then?” I could not keep an edge of anger out of my voice. “Will you let him fuck me while your milk is still hot inside me?”
Kan kissed me then. “Only if you wish it. If you prefer, I will let him find his release with me, and that way we shall also test if the feeling subsides when he is satisfied, or if you are only sated when it is your body that is taken.”
“And… if I am not sated?”
He kissed me again. “Jorin. I will take care of you. Trust me. If it’s cock you need, that I have.” And with that he began fucking me too hard and fast for either of us to speak further. When he spilled, I felt something inside me release as well, even though I did not come. He waited until he had gone completely soft and slipped from me before he wriggled down my body and placed a kiss on the head of my still-hard cock.
“I will be back to take care of you,” he said, as if speaking directly to my prick. I laughed in spite of myself and he slipped from the tent.
I lay there in the morning glow, listening to the frits and other birds, stroking myself idly but feeling largely content to wait for his return. We had waited three days at the camp at Tiger’s Mouth for his ranging band to return, and then set out ourselves toward the castle. Three days we had traveled, and it was slow going, staying off the well-traveled roads and uphill all the way.
Then suddenly I felt the ache flare to life in me again and I moaned without meaning to. I stroked myself harder but it did nothing to alleviate the pangs of need rippling through me. I slid a finger inside my slick hole but it was not enough.
Thunderclouds roll, was this what Kenet was going through at the hands of Seroi? The realization hit me like a flash of lightning. Was this what he was fighting? He had told me that Seroi hadn’t fucked him, but it was suddenly painfully clear to me that this was what Kenet would be reduced to on midsummer night. I saw red as I imagined him begging Seroi to spear him, anything to ease the ache, the intense need. And Seroi granting him his wish, since after all, how could he refuse a royal decree?
And how could Korl have let it happen right under his nose? Sergetten used to mutter, when he thought we couldn’t hear, that the king was blind, but not to see that his own son was being twisted into not just a whoreslave but a Night-bound one?
These thoughts, or perhaps it was the desperation caused by the ache inside me, had me near tears by the time Kan returned. The ache abated when the man he had gone to see had come, but the thoughts did not.
This time when Kan made love to me, I think it was to comfort me. Although I felt Kenet was farther from me than ever, at least for a few moments of pleasure I was not alone.
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