More award news? Yes.

So, the book of lesbian vampire erotica I edited, WOMEN OF THE BITE, which was done in ebook by Ravenous Romance and in print form by Alyson Books, is a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award! And a book I have a story in, Lesbian Cowboys (edited by Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia) is also nominated in the same category! (Lesbian Erotica)
This is pretty cool, after a fair stretch where I didn’t have any Lammy noms for a number of years. Lambda has undergone a lot of changes in recent years–I’m not even up to speed on all of them. They seem very revitalized, though. This is happy making.
Now if I could just get them to correct the spelling of my name on the nomination announcement, that would be keen. (I’ve already seen it re-posted four places with the wrong spelling. Sigh.)
The other thing is that the awards ceremony is on May 27th, a Thursday night, in New York City. I’m supposed to be in Madison, Wisconsin that night for the annual feminist science fiction convention, Wiscon. In fact, I think I signed up to host a book launch party for Best Erotic Fantasy that night. Uh, hm. UPDATE: The Circlet Press party at Wiscon is Friday night, so if I can be in NYC on Thursday and Madison on Friday, we’re good to go!
We’ll see if it’s doable. And if I can even afford to attend the Lammies in the first place… The way I used to do it was by volunteering to be an usher, which is a great excuse to wear a tuxedo anyway, and then sitting in the back in case I won any of the categories I was nominated in. I never have, but you never know…
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