Read a hot scene (not) from Slow Seduction!

My publisher is stoking the fires, getting people psyched up for the release of Slow Seduction on January 28th, so they have a blog tour going on with me and three other authors they publish (Jodi Ellen Malpas, CC Gibbs, Kate McKinley).
One of the tasks they had us do was we each picked a prompt (feather! threesome! ice cube! lace!) and then we each had to write a scene that combined all four elements.
Mine is now up for your reading pleasure at Night Owl Reviews, and it features two of the important characters Karina meets in Slow Seduction when she goes to England, a dom named Damon George and a sub named Juney.
Here are my two picks for people who could play these two characters in a movie. Damon is a bit of a playboy, a young Greek tycoon who is dominant in the bedroom and in life, and Juney is a fun-loving British gal who has discovered the world of kinky sex and all it has to offer.

Kostas Martakis and Adele could be cast as Damon and Juney in a film of Slow Seduction!

Read the exclusive new scene with them here at Night owl Romance.
Damon and Juney also appear in the teaser scene right here on

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