Daron's Guitar Chronicles Re-Read: Join In Now on Wattpad!

dgc_1_wattpadVarious fans have told me recently that they wish they had started reading Daron’s Guitar Chronicles sooner. They feel like they kind of missed the boat on discussing the early chapters.
So here’s what we’re doing. I’m going to keep posting new chapters to the regular Daron’s Guitar Chronicles website, but starting TODAY we’re starting a re-read and re-launch from the very beginning on Wattpad!
Wattpad is a serial fiction site that has 25 million users, only 10% of whom are authors. Wattpad also has a social media aspect to it: you can vote for your favorite chapters and stories, become a “fan” so you’ll be notified when new chapters appear, etc.
A new chapter of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles will appear EVERY DAY on Wattpad until we’re synched up, after which I’ll just mirror the two new posts a week on the DGC site onto Wattpad, too.
So if you’ve been thinking about wanting to read my magnum opus about a gay guitar player trying to make it as a rock star in the 1980s, here’s a great chance to do so.
Making an account on Wattpad is free, and just like on the DGC site both I and Daron will answer comments addressed to us! So come and get started. To give people a running start, the first 30 posts are already live and we’ll start adding one a day from here on out! Jump in: https://www.wattpad.com/story/49160-daron%27s-guitar-chronicles

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