Cover Reveal! The Tower and the Tears (MU2) by Cecilia Tan

Tower-and-Tears_Amazon_200I. AM. EXCITE.
Riverdale Avenue Books is re-releasing my new adult paranormal series, Magic University, in brand new editions, with new completely new cover art. The books are coming out in ebook, paperback, and audiobook and book two in the series will go live the week of January 20th!
If you’d like to help me spread the word about the new book, please please join my Thunderclap by linking your twitter, facebook, or tumblr to the announcement which will go off once and only once on January 20th! Join up here:
Pre-orders for the ebook can be made on Amazon right here:
For my fandom followers, this is the series that is my answer to Harry Potter. It’s a university where sex magic is the most powerful subject and that means our hero Kyle can’t exactly ignore his sexuality (or his bisexuality) when he’s trying to save the world.
This cover depicts Timothy Frost, Kyle’s nemesis.
And now, the fantastic and amazing art! Click on the thumbnail to see it full size (or just look under the cut):

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