Live Chat with Cecilia Tan on YouTube January 20th

I have so much going on these days it’s hard to keep up with it all! So as it happens two important milestones are coming next week. One is the release of the new edition of THE TOWER AND THE TEARS, book two of my Magic University series, in all new paperback, never-before-heard audiobook, and new ebook editions from Riverdale Avenue Books. The other is we’ll be hitting post #600 of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. Yeah. That’s a whole lotta webserial.
So I’m doing two chats back-to-back on my YouTube Live channel on Tuesday, January 20th:
From 8-9pm I will do a Magic University chat, read an excerpt from THE TOWER AND THE TEARS, give away some copies of the gorgeous new paperbacks, answer questions about magic, sex, and magical sex.
From 9-10pm I will do a Daron’s Guitar Chronicles chat, give away a copy of the brand new DGC volume one paperback which just came in the mail, read Daron’s fan mail, field questions, and geek out about music and LGBT pop culture history.
Here’s the URL where the video will stream:
and you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel itself:


  1. Yeah! Something to look forward to on Tuesday. I’d already started dreading going back to work after the 3 day weekend….hahaha

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