Well that's fascinating…!

You know how Amazon pages always give you a strip of suggestions that says “Customers Who Bought {this thing} also bought:” ?
Here’s the strip that is appearing on the newly launched page for The Incubus and the Angel! It’s very good that it lists the other two books in the Magic University series, but its the other books that have me so curious! The other books are a few by Terry Pratchett, and the latest from Max Gladstone! Max and I cross paths a lot in science fiction circles: we competed in the same Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition and this very book of his listed on Amazon is in my to-be-read pile right now!
And Marie Brennan’s “A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent” looks like it needs to be added to my TBR pile, too. I guess my readers have good taste!
It’s nice to be in good company.

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