Wow. RT Career Achievement Award in Erotic Romance!!

Remember last year at this time when I was spazzing out about what to wear to the RT Awards ceremony? Guess what. I have to spazz out again. For an even more exciting reason.
I’ve won the Career Achievement award in Erotic Romance! To say this is awesome is a bit of an understatement. It’s really quite… wow. I’m a writer and I’m supposed to be able to write something eloquent about how I feel but right now that’s all I’ve got: awesome, wow. I promise I’ll have cooked up something better by the time I give the acceptance speech in Dallas in May! (See the full list of winners at RT Magazine.)
So yes, I’m dress shopping, shoe shopping, etc…! It’s an evening gala this year, followed by champagne “meet the winners” reception and everything, so I’m thinking full-on ballgown is warranted…?

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