Cover reveal! Taking The Lead – rockstar romance

Cover reveal, and I do mean “reveal”! My next romance from Hachette/Forever is slated to release on January 26, 2016 in both paperback and ebook, and I have not one but TWO amazing cover designs to show you!
As you might expect given my track record, my books have a lot of sex in them. They’re very steamy. TAKING THE LEAD is no exception. It’s a rockstar romance and a BDSM “billionaire” book except this time SHE is the billionaire.
The brilliant thing my publisher has done is create two versions of the cover, a “tame” version (which is still pretty suggestive if you ask me), and a “wild” version. Feast your eyes below the fold:
I love this! Look at how his fingers are just digging in a little bit? *fans self* And look! We have achieved man-nipple! (On the “wild” version anyway…)
I couldn’t help doing this with Photoshop:
For those who prefer a static interpretation:
My only quibble is that you can’t really tell Axel’s got blond highlights in his hair. But it’s so sexy when it’s wet like that… can’t really complain. *fans self*

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