Now Live: Golden Flogger Award Finalists List

I just got word from Doctor Charley with the books that made the finalist list in the Golden Flogger Awards and am excited to share them here! I see several of my favorite authors (Tiffany Reisz, Annabel Joseph, D.L. King, Cherise Sinclair, Raven Kaldera!) have made the list and I am betting the ones I don’t know will make an excellent reading list!
The winners will be announced at BDSM Writers Con in New York City, in a ceremony on Thursday August 20th. The convention runs from August 19 through Sunday, August 23 (when there will be a BDSM Book Fair from noon to 4pm open to the public).
The Golden Flogger Awards are looking for books with excellence in BDSM published in 2014. They received 181 books for consideration. Finalists are listed alphabetically by author in each category:
BDSM Light
Sierra Cartwright — Crave
Jenna Jacobs — Saving my submission
Anne Lange – Hers to own
Roz Lee — Spring Training – Mustangs Baseball #5
Jillian Verne – Masterpiece
BDSM Advanced
Cris Anson — Redemption & Glory
Lexi Blake — A View to thrill
Lexi Blake — Dungeon Royale
R.E. Hargrave — Surreal
Annabel Joseph — Bound in Blue
Stacey Kennedy — Bared: A Sin Club novel
Trista Ann Michael — Master Delacroix
Cherise Sinclair — Edge of the Enforcer
BDSM Dark Erotica
Alaska Angelini — Unbearable
Tara Crescent — The Audition
Claire Thompson — Beyond the Compound
Corinne Alexander — Brush of Violet
R.G. Alexander — The Cowboy’s Kink
Alaska Angelini — Dom Up, Devlin Black
Cris Anson — Aaron’s Jewel
Elizabeth SaFleur — Holiday Ties
Cherise Sinclair — 1001 Nights: Show Me, Baby
Dominant Women & submissive Men
Lynda Aicher — Bonds of Courage
Joey W. Hill & Desiree Holt — Nightfall
Drury Jamison — Safe Words
Lori King — Mistress Hedonism
Sean Michael — Underground: Special Teams
Josephine Myers — How To Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps
Tiffany Reisz — The King
L.M. Somerton — Rasputin’s Kiss
Claire Thompson — The Contract
2015 BWC Flyer 275px
Rhiannon Ayers — Saints United
Kira Barker — Caught in the Middle
Shayla Black — Theirs to Cherish
Avery Gale — Punishing for Pleasure
Jennifer Kacey — Jenna’s Consent
Riley Bancroft — Tempest in Disguise
Joey W. Hill — The Scientific Method
Selena Illyria – Making Dragons Purr
Raven Kaldera & Del Tashlin — Broken Toys: Submissives With Mental Illness and Neurological Dysfunction
Mike Makai — The Warrior Princess Submissive
Jolynn Raymond — Taken In Hand
Edited by D.L. King — Slave Girls
Edited by D.L. King — She who must be obeyed
Edited by Alison Tyler – Twisted Bondage with an Edge
Edited by Lori Perkins — First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology
Congrats to all the finalists and I look forward to seeing lots of you in August!

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