Get a free copy of upcoming BDSM romance TAKING THE LEAD by Cecilia Tan

My upcoming rock stars & BDSM erotic romance novel TAKING THE LEAD comes out officially in three weeks! Right now there are three ways to get your hands on a free advance copy!
1) Enter the Goodreads Giveaway contest
2) NetGalley
3) Ask me for a copy!

1) Enter the Goodreads Giveaway contest

Anyone with an account on Goodreads can enter the giveaway. My publisher is giving away 15 copies and it costs nothing to enter! Just click here to enter:

2) NetGalley

If you’re a NetGalley reviewer, my publisher doesn’t automatically approve all requests. So email me if you want to review it through NetGalley and I’ll forward your email to them. They’ll email you back the NetGalley widget! I’m at ctan.writer @

3) Ask me for a copy!

Will you promise to post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads between January 26th and January 29th? If you’re in the USA or Canada I’ll mail you an advance reading copy of the book! No really, first 12 people to email me your shipping addresses and pledge to review it within 3 days of the book’s release, I’ll mail it to you! (You don’t have to promise to *like* it, just to give it an honest review. Of course I hope you will like it, though!)
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Ricki Hamilton and her sister have just inherited a vast estate in the Hollywood hills. Unfortunately, with that legacy comes the most exclusive club in Hollywood history, a secret BDSM establishment where only the rich and the naughty come to play. Ricki wants nothing to do with BDSM and is trying to find ways to get out of having to run the club . . . until she meets Axel, a sexy and enigmatic rock star who makes her want to submit to needs she didn’t know she had.
Praised by Tara Sue Me, author of The Submissive series, and Christina Lauren, authors of the Beautiful series!
“Everyone knows Cecilia Tan is the queen of hot, but she’s also the queen of wit and angst and voice. Taking the Lead is a book that grabs you by the collar and gives you flirty-eyes. It will tell you, ‘Go sit, over there in the corner chair, and don’t get up until you’re done.’ You will do it-absolutely and happily-because Cecilia knows exactly what you want.”―Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Bastard and Sweet Filthy Boy
“Cecilia Tan writes erotic romance the way it was meant to be written: full of emotion, intensity, and chemistry that’s so hot it burns the page. Taking the Lead is no exception; it’s deliciously sexy and utterly satisfying.”―Tara Sue Me, New York Times bestselling author


  1. Yes I will read and review! I don’t see an email address for you but I’m going to dig around and will send my address as soon as I find it 😉

  2. I would be happy to post a review. I have already pre-ordered but am happy to do an advanced read and post on 1/26/16

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