Slashy fandom convention-going!

So just a note to all my friends going to Infinitus!
I’m absolutely Slytherin green with envy since I can’t go and the new theme park looks awesome. And I would love to experience it with a few hordes of robed-up fans.
But… here’s the thing. The reason I’m not going?
I got into the LAUNCH PAD writers workshop! This is a NASA-funded program that is a week-long crash course in real astronomy for science fiction writers and editors! This is, simply put, really awesome and exciting. But it means missing Infinitus. *cries*
To satisfy my slashy fandom convention jones, though, I’ve decided to attend CON.TXT. Con.txt will be June 18-20 in Silver Spring, Maryland! It’s a slash con, not strictly HP, but I have no doubt I will meet up with some HP fans there? They have an LJ comm:
Will you be there?
I’ll be selling my slashy HP zines there as well as CD-ROMs and printed books of erotic science fiction published by Circlet Press, which folks may enjoy. I figure I’ll write a slashy drabble for anyone who buys $10 or more of books/zines?
Holler back if you’ll be there!

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