Circlet Press Supporter Party

On Saturday night April 24 (7pm – midnight) we’ll be having a party for Circlet contributors, supporters, family, and friends.
I realize this might be somewhat short notice. That weekend is the first ever Circlet editorial development retreat, and my focus has been on trying to get the program of discussions and workshops together for the staff & attendees. 15 Circlet writers and editors are spending the weekend together doing everything from brainstorming to career development sessions.
I have lost track of whom I have already told/invited to the party portion of the weekend so apologies if you already know this… Please let me know if you can attend, and if you’ll be bringing any guests or significant others, so we can plan how much food to have (We plan to order in bulk from Redbones) — and while we’re at it, let me know if you’re bringing anything food or drink-wise to add to the table!
(Party will be at the house. Usual disclaimers re: cats in residence and the utter lack of childproofing apply.)

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