First day reviews roundup for WILD LICKS! (New BDSM rock star romance)

Wow! I’ve been blown away by how universally awesome the reviews have been pouring in for WILD LICKS! Apparently folks out there love dark, angsty Mal Keanneally and deeply kinky Gwen Hamilton as much as I do. Some excerpts:
“This one is great for those of you looking for plenty of smoking hot consensual BDSM sex.”
Bustle “Ten Romance Novels for Steamy Afternoons”
“Emotional angst, drama, and a seemingly impossible romance are just the tip of the iceberg for a couple whose dark erotic desires can either bring them together in the ultimate salvation or drive them apart forever.”
Heroes & Heartbreakers “Erotic Romance Best Bets, July 2016”

“Going into this book I knew that it had some BDSM elements in it, but wow I was blown away. This book is so beautiful and sensual and frustrating at times that I could not put it down. Did I forget to mention that it was HOT? Mal and Gwen we so hot together I had to keep fanning my kindle to keep it from overheating. I am generally not a huge BDSM fan in books, but the way it was portrayed in this series was so beautiful that I am a huge fan and cannot wait for the next book.”
Jack of All Trades, Master of None
“Holy hotness! Cecilia Tan has done it again with Wild Licks! … this book hit all the right notes for me. It was (as mentioned) incredibly hot at moments – and wide-ranging, much more than just tie-me-up-tie-me-down BDSM – but also tender, and in particular I enjoyed the portrayals of the relationships between the secondary characters.”
Bedtime Stories
“It was a verrry erotic book. A slightly over-the-top erotic book here and there. But pffff. We have lots of sexy and erotic and kinky moments. But also funny and serious and adorable and sad and moving moments. I really loved Gwen and Mal.”
—BJ’s Book Blog
“The chemistry between the two is off the charts. Gwen submits beautifully to Mal when they’re together. I really enjoyed reading this book. We got to meet Gwen in book one, and I loved getting to read her story. She was sweet and sassy during the day, only letting her wild submissive side out at night under disguise. I felt for her, not feeling she could be who she truly wanted to be. I loved Mal and dominant attitude. He was afraid of going too far, but couldn’t help what he wanted. I like watching him grow and come to terms with what he wanted and needed. I’m really enjoying this series so far and I can’t wait to read Chino and Madison’s story.”
Nerdy, Dirty, and Flirty
“Cecilia Tan takes erotica to brave new heights, daring to explore the fascinating and frightening world of true S&M role play, and sub/dom interaction with a true to life honesty and realism that few authors dare pen… Cecilia is always careful to present the good, the bad, and the sometimes very ugly aspects of her characters, their lives, their pasts, and their play. Painting their eroticism with the same revealing brush, Ms. Tan takes readers from the giddy euphoria of pain edged play, through the search for reality within the fantasy. All the way to love…whips and chains included. Of course! Get ready for a story of pain, pleasure, passion, and proclivity that is sure to take your heart captive.”
WTF Are You Reading
Secrets of a Rock Star 3 covers
wild_licks_pb_cover_200x300WILD LICKS
Release date: August 2, 2016
Paperback: $12.99 ISBN: 9781455533640
Ebook: $5.99 ISBN: 9781455533657

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