Christmas Magic novella now available! Return to Magic University!

Christmas Magic cover 2016Remember last December when the Magic University digital box set became available? The new piece in that set–a 15,000 word sequel to the series entitled CHRISTMAS MAGIC–is now available to purchase on its own!
I originally wrote the novella as a holiday gift for MU fans to thank them for helping to spread the word about the box set and supporting the series. Christmas Magic is from Frost’s point of view. There is a lot about Frost we don’t see in the MU books because they’re from Kyle’s point of view, although if you’ve read the short stories in Spellbinding you’ve seen a few in Frost’s voice, now.
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    In this novella sequel to the Magic University series, Christmas Magic picks up the tale a few months after the end of The Poet and the Prophecy, at Christmas time.
    And who better to tell a Christmas tale than Frost? After the cataclysmic events that shook the magical world, it’s time for Frost to come to grips with the changes in his magic and his body–with the help of the people who love him most.
    Un-official description:
    That’s right. There’s a Christmas tree, and stockings, and hot cocoa by the fire… but this is a Magic University story, so of course there is also deeply emotional sex and a mystery which fills Frost with existential dread.
    And we get to see a bit of what Kyle and Frost are like as a couple. It’s a 15,000 word novella, only 99 cents, and I hope you enjoy a return to the campus as much as I did!
    Christmas Magic cover 600x900

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