Final countdown on the Circlet 100!

Okay, my last post about this! Because there is only until midnight Eastern USA today tonight to join the Circlet 100.
Basically, a small independent erotic science fiction book publisher is trying to raise the cash to do a traditional print book (Best Erotic Fantasy, featuring Kal Cobalt, Helen E. H. Madden, Diane Kepler, Jean Roberta, Connie Wilkins, Jason Rubis, and many more!)
Once upon a time, Circlet Press published a lot of print books, but with the bookstores in as much trouble as they are, it’s now down to only 1 book a year at most, and that’s if the cash is there to manufacture.
Ebook sales are rising, but not fast enough to fund a print book… unless we can get people to buy into the Circlet 100. We just need 100 people to take us up on the offer of $50 for a limited edition CDROM that includes 20 erotic sf/f ebooks — a $128 value. Or, if you want more, for $100 you can get a bigger CDROM (27 books, $182 value) and also a T-shirt.
To get either one, click the ChipIn widget on this page: and put in either $50 or $100. (You can also donate a random amount of your choice that way.) You can use a credit card via Paypal, or your paypal account.
The offer expires tonight at midnight!
CDRoms and T-shirts will be manufactured over the next 2 weeks, so expect them to start shipping from us around June 15th. We’ll email you to check on your size if you forget to include it in the “instructions for merchant” on Paypal.
Help keep the dream of beautiful books and creamy paper alive through ebooks. Doesn’t that make perfect sense?
Hm, I’ve tried refreshing the cache but I’m still only showing the current ChipIn at $20. Just checked our Paypal account and it’s definitely not accurate!
Thanks to the following whose payments don’t seem to have registered!
Marshall F. $100
Matthew P. $100
Ashley M. $100
Jennifer G. $50
Gavin Atlas $50
Joe N. $50
Our total, including a check I received, is now $4020, or 80.4%! w00t!

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