Fic Rec: Do Bad Things (Snape/Harry/Draco, NC-17)

I don’t have a lot of time to read fanfic these days, but I’m stuck in a hotel room for the night thanks to airlinefail, and someone pointed me at this one as something right up my alley…
Oh were they right. It’s post-DH Snape/Harry with a scheming Draco thrown in. Snape survived in this version, of course, and as I wrote in my comment to the author: I love the deft way you bring us into your version of the post-DH reality, with so much of our favorite stuff, like, oh, a by-now well-established powerplay-and-secret-lovers relationship between Snape and Harry, with a side of Ginny/Luna!
I love your Snape, all snarling vocabulary and barely trammeled lust for his lover-hero.

Snape is the sadistic-sexgod version of himself, in other words, and if you go for that sort of thing, this fic is definitely for you. 11,000 words, author remains anonymous until the end of the HDS Beltane Fest:

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