Magic U. book 1 & 2

Woo! Another review just came in! Bitten by Books just reviewed both book one and book two from the Magic U. series! Book one got 4.5 “tombstones” (like 4.5 “stars”) and book two got five tombstones!
The full review of book 1 is here:

Excerpt; “Ms. Tan will tell you that she’s inspired by several of her favorite authors and that inspiration from the Harry Potter series figures prominently in this sequence of books, but it’s definitely not for children.”
The reviewer did think that Frost was much like Draco, if Draco were openly gay. Also:
“This freshman novel to the Magic University series is very well written and, although promoted as an erotica, it’s more erotic-light as this tale is considerably deeper than your average erotic novel and the intimacy doesn’t consume the whole story… I will say that there are hints that the relative tameness of this story will change in the next book and I can’t wait; I’m reading it as soon as I finish this review!”
The same reviewer then went on to review book 2, and her suspicions were of course, borne out deliciously.
Excerpt: “When reviewing the first book of this series, I had a strong suspicion that this story would be more…more story, more erotic, more magic…and it was. This tale explores explicit ménage sexual situations. There are several scenes with three or more either actively participating or watching for the purposes of a magical test or spell and it is simply, hotly, erotic. Enjoy but have the hubby or boyfriend close by…”
The full review of book 2 is here:

Both books are currently available from Ravenous Romance as ebooks — in fact, they just put book one on sale for only $1.99! So if you’ve been meaning to read it, now’s a good time! Here:
(Print editions are coming from Red Silk this fall!)

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