Squee! Magic U book #3 releasing TUESDAY!!

Hi all! I’m at the CON.txt slash convention this weekend, but the hotel has free WIFI so I just checked my email and had a message from Ravenous Romance…
THE INCUBUS & THE ANGEL will be released this coming Tuesday!! It’ll go live on RavenousRomance.com. I’ll post/tweet/facebook a direct link when I have it. The RR site sells in several ebook formats. (It usually takes from 1-4 weeks to go live on other sites, depending. Authors make the best royalty, though, on stuff bought direct from the publisher.)
Anyway, doin’ the happy dance!
Meanwhile, about con.txt, today I’ve been to a meetup for the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), a Temeraire (Naomi Novilk) meetup, and yesterday I attended a panel on why the Harry Potter Epilogue sucked, moderated by Beth H. . Talking to lots and lots of people–so many I’m losing my voice! A fair number of my HP peeps are here, including synn, dementordelta, and others, plus one of my old college roommates is here! How cool!

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