Party for Tai Gau — donations for the Animal Rescue League

So plans are continuing apace for the “love Tai Gau” party on July 3rd. If you missed earlier announcements, the little guy has inoperable abdominal tumors, and may only have a few months to live. He’s getting up there in age for a cat (13?) and has lived a comfortable, spoiled-rotten life in our house.
We’re giving everyone one more chance to come spoil him some more. He’s quite frisky and happy thanks to kitty anti-inflammatories and LOVES PEOPLE (as always). So come and get loved by him once more on July 3rd, 7pm – midnight.
If you can’t be there, or you just want to help us celebrate his life, please consider donating to the Boston Animal Rescue League. I’ll have a collection jar at the party, but here’s a virtual one that everyone can chip in to: (ChipIn Widget under the cut…)

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