Another Harry Potter convention… this one in driving distance!

So, when I was feeling overwhelmed tonight and like I just have to get away from it all… I realized I had more money in my Paypal account than I expected. So I went ahead and registered for AETERNITAS.
It’s a Harry Potter fan convention planned for April 28-May 1 2011 in Laconia, New Hampshire! Why, that’s broom flight distance from here!
A bunch of my slashy friends are already planning to go (, , , ) so I feel pretty confident it’ll be a slash-friendly bunch. Also I note the organization putting it on, HP-MA has a monthly fanfic discussion meeting.
Registrations are limited to 500 (for contrast, Infinitus had something like 2000) and all guests must stay in the hotel, which appears to be a charming, lakeside resort.
Anyway, just wanted to spread the word among my f-list. My S.O. always has MIT alum stuff to do that weekend (Steer Roast) so I may as well out-geek him in the only way I can.

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