Fan art contest: get The Prince's Boy ebook for entering!

Announcing The Prince’s Boy fan art contest!
We’re heading into the final arc of plot in The Prince’s Boy, my free read serial on, with expectations that it will all wrap up around February 2011.
In honor of the impending finale, I’m asking any and all fan artists to help me celebrate what will be almost two years of delicious male/male erotic high fantasy.
All valid entrants will receive a finished copy of the compiled ebook of The Prince’s Boy, and the three best will receive limited edition signed copies of the printed book!
For an entry to be valid you, the artist, must:
1. be 18 years of age or older
2. produce original (not plagiarized) work
3. send me a JPG or GIF of the work by October 15th
4. post the work in your own blog or journal with a link to the opening page of TPB (
5. allow me permission to post the work in an online gallery of images for at least 6 months
You can post your art wherever you like, DeviantArt, LJ comms, etc. as long as you please credit the source as The Prince’s Boy. You keep all the rights to the art to do with as you please! I just want to share it with other fans, and help bring new fans in.
All ratings of images are allowed. When you submit, do it by emailing my fanfic and fanart address ravenna_c_tan AT yahoo DOT com with the following:
A) A statement that you are 18 or older and that the work you submit is original to you
B) what name you want the art to be credited to in public
C) any link you want included with the art (to your LJ, DA portfolio, whatever)
Thank you and please tell your friends! Everyone who enters will get an ebook in thanks!

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