Blog "tour," Lady Jane's photos, et cetera

So I’m currently doing a series of guest blogs around the interwebs to promote the release of Magic U book 3 in ebook form, and the imminent arrival of book 1, The Siren and the Sword, in print form!
I did one real life stop on the tour first, reading at Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC, with Michele Lang, Rebecca Rogers Maher, and Cat Johnson. Rebecca recapped the fun night at “Madame X”–a nightclub/bar done up in bordello chic style, very fitting–over at the Lady Jane’s blog: and her S.O. took the photo of me seen below the cut. I read from MIND GAMES, actually, putting in a bit of the scenes in the “couples club” that seemed very fitting for the velvet & tassels decor.
The first three of six guest blog essays are up now for your reading pleasure, as well.

By the way, Amazon is taking pre-orders on The Siren & The Sword right now at 33% off. It’d normally be $12.95 in trade paperback. (Order from the link below and I get a kickback from the Amazon hegemony.)

And here’s the promised photo. See what I mean about bordello chic? The fainting couch fairly cries out for someone’s bodice to be ripped upon it.

Cecilia Tan at Lady Jane's
Cecilia Tan reading at Lady Jane's Salon

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