Duck Day Photos, #1

Photos from our 2010 Duck Day extravaganza. I didn’t make any attempt to really photo document the whole meal, just snapped some pictures here and there of food along the way. You’ll have to go over to my blog to see them, where they’re resized accordingly. I’m also going to break it into three posts since the photos will take a while to load…
Post #1:

A bag of smoked whole tomatoes, in a brand new metal mixing bowl, meaning the tomatoes are reflected hugely.

Another angle on it. Actual tomatoes were about the size of a golf ball up to a tennis ball. Reflections made them look more like softballs.

corwin rouxs the day.

Peppers, onions, to go into the gumbo.

Duck legs on their way to being confit.


Smoked salt.

Another shot of smoked salt, showing the crystalline structure.

corwin’s ridiculously large sausage.

You can see how pleased he is with the sausage.

Especially while smoking it.


  1. Love this! The chef’s apron cracked me up—he can pass for a welder or a surgeon!
    I chronicled something similar making “turkey”, not a whole turkey, but just turkey pieces with stuffing. I called it “Turkey wedgies!”
    Thanks for posting,

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