Duck Day Photo Post #2:

Duck Day Photo Post #2:

Tea-Smoked Ducks.

Scliff prepping ramekins for tiny poundcakes to be baked in.

Double sticky rice pan action. (No rice yet. This is just the turkey ham, black mushroom, and water chestnuts to start. With garlic and ginger.)

We bought eggs at Trader Joe’s. All the yolks came out doubles in each shell!

The sausage after coming off the smoker. It’s a duck andouille-flavor, and was finished by being sliced and pan fried, then two slices were dropped, still crispy, into each bowl of gumbo.

Individual pound cakes cooling in a Hobbiton-like arrangement.

Cornbread all torn up to become bread pudding.

The halved pound cakes prepped for the banana pudding to be added to the cups.

corwin cools the coffee beans he just roasted.

Toasted pecans!

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