As strange as fiction… (MU-related photos)

Sometimes the real world just seems to be trying to make it seem like my made-up world is real. In particular, I keep stumbling across things that could point to the Magic University world.
A good friend is a grad student at Harvard, working on a PhD, and stumbled across a display dedicated to campus sports clubs. In the case with the ping pong ball and martial arts uniform and frisbee, there’s a broom. Of the flying type.
And then there’s the graffiti corwin and I discovered on the elementary school near our house, which is just two blocks from where Faiella House (the department of magical healing) is located. It’s spray-painted on the wall like many graffitoes at urban schools everywhere… but is says, quite plainly: VERITAS. Um…?
Now, the broom *could* be explained by the fact that quidditch is taking off (no pun intended) on college campuses these days. No, I’m not kidding. But… what kind of vandal paints the word VERITAS on the side of a grammar school?
Photographic evidence below the cut!

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