Be a card-carrying bisexual!

So, I just got the annual fundraising letter from the Bisexual Resource Center, now in their 26th year of saving lives and telling bi people they are NOT ALONE.
Money is one of the things I don’t have to give much of this year, so instead I’m giving a signal boost to their campaign, which includes the fact that anyone who sends $25 or more will get a Bidentification Card! Yes! That’s right! You can now be a card-carrying bisexual!
The BRC is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, and contributions are tax deductible under current IRS regulations in the US.
Send $25 or more to
Bisexual Resource Center
PO Bo 170796
Boston, MA 02117
Or donate online through the BRC’s Network for Good page.
You can also buy cool T-Shirts, buttons, and books at the BRC Online Store. My fave, the T-shirts that read “It’s Not a Phase, It’s My Life.”


  1. I am a Bi monk activist from Chicago with a Vow of Poverty. Since I got an ok to donate money, I am getting a money order of $30. I am mailing it to BRC on Wednesday Dec. 15, 2010 in hopes it reaches you all in time, so I maybecome a Bi card carrier. Also, I am with many plans on visiting the BRC in person in 2011 for a few days to share Bi visibility and equality from Chicago. Thank you….

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