WE CAN HAZ KITTENZ!! (With Picspam!)

Yes! I feel like we won the kitten lottery! After contacting many shelters via Petfinder.com, visiting the MSPCA and Animal Rescue League, and so on, to no avail because during the winter in New England there just are not many kittens to be had, and some of them are too sick to adopt, tonight we hit the jackpot. Three brothers, 12 weeks old, rescued by Patti of Feline Friends in Salem, New Hampshire.
They were found with their mother under a shed on a night when it was only 11 degrees out. Their mother was quite friendly, and was adopted already, leaving the three boys in a foster home until last week. They are all tabbies! We love boy tabbies, have always had great luck with them, and we wanted three, one for me, one for corwin, and one for Kate (who can’t keep a cat in her own apartment because her roomie is seriously allergic). So once we found out this trio of 12-week-old tabby boys was available, I put on the full court press, dragging out all our “we’re an A-1 cat rearing household!” facts I could think of in the application. (These days they won’t just let a cat go to anyone who wants one. Too many animals end up back on the streets or in the shelters when people aren’t prepared to keep them well. We promised to keep them indoors, never to declaw them, et cetera.)
Anyway, as promised, pic spam! (Click thru to my Picasa album)



  1. Congratulations! Good luck on surviving three of them. I hope you don’t have too many breakables. 🙂 I concluded after 1 kitten that we’re really happier sticking with older cats.
    We adopted last month too, after Romeo finally lost the battle with his cancer. We didn’t have to look though – we think we’ve somehow gotten signed up with the agency Terry Pratchett mentions in The Unadulterated Cat. They send one when we have a vacancy, or more disturbingly, an impending vacancy.
    The new kitty is very senior – her previous owner alleges 22. Vet records indicate at least 19. Her previous owner has cancer, probably terminal, and finally gave in to the idea that she wasn’t going to get back home and take her cat back. So now Truffles is slowly adjusting to life in a busy, multi-cat house after living for a year at a boarding facility.

    1. Aww, I’m so glad you are able to give Truffles a home. Both of ours succumbed to cancer within a week of each other, so we were ready for some young uns this time.

    1. Yeah! Our previous two hated each other all their lives, so we thought it best to get some that were born together and which seemed to like each other. When they groom each other it’s so cute!

  2. Oh God they are SO cute! Thanks for sharing.
    BTW: Sensei Balzac and I have been buddies for years – what a fun coincidence that you know him too.

    1. Hee! Yes, we’ve known Steve & Amy since before they moved to CA, and since they moved back we see them often since corwin studies jujitsu with him. corwin’s known them since undergraduate MIT days I believe.

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