Xmas Has Been Morninged!

Yes, we are such hobbits on holidays. We have eaten three breakfasts (sausage and eggs, fried rice, and wild rice porridge, not to mention stocking candy of many kinds…) and covered the living room floor with wrapping paper and ribbon.
And I’ve had two naps. Merry Christmas everyone!

Our tradition is to spend the night at the house of some friends, where we do a Christmas Eve feast, and then sleep over to await Santa. And thanks to Amazon wishlists, there is even more gifting of each other than ever before. This crowd gives a lot of books, of course, and lots of fandom geekery. Among the funny T-shirts that were exchanged, one that has Statler and Waldorf portraying Tigh and Adama. Two fandoms in one!
I’ve already begun reading what LW got for me, LIFE by Keith Richards. Chapter One is hilarious and I would have read more but I fell asleep in the chair. We slept only four hours or so, and that badly, on an air mattress that felt more like a Disney ride of some kind. MS got me a new duvet cover and JB a cushy blanket, which I will use to replace the ones that got somewhat bloody when Renki’s wound was at its worst. Also, among other fabulous looking books, two Alan Moore’s, his book on the history of erotica, which I am amazed I hadn’t seen before, and a graphic novel, Light of Thy Countenance. K. found me a fabulous dragon-motif bag from designer Chikako Mukai that looks like it will fit a set of Tarot cards & book perfectly. LB got me a very apropos book, of the script for the Sarah Ruhl play “In The Next Room, or, the vibrator play” which played recently at a local theater, though I didn’t get a chance to see it, and her husband SR got me a fancy high tech brewing tea cup that may be good for traveling with, excited to try it. SJ somehow magically knew I need new slippers and that I was disillusioned by the selection at Target when I looked for replacements… did I tweet about it, maybe?
Santa brought me the Inception DVD. 🙂
corwin gave me two delicious-looking bottles of booze, a Dow Port and a fine bourbon, and also the official Science & Cooking apron from the Harvard course. (It’s black and is covered with the equations used in the class.) We didn’t really go nuts on each other with gifts… maybe because we feel like the best gift is the life we’ve built together? Ooops, sorry, was that sweeter than a candy cane?
AND best of all, several friends all chipped in to put $200 toward my trip to England in July for the Dia-con Alley Harry Potter convention! Squeeeee!
Funniest gift of all, corwin picks up something from SJ with the tag proclaiming that before purchasing this he had put deep thought in about corwin’s personal style. corwin then lifts out of the package… a plain black T-shirt. This is hilarious if you know corwin.
Oh oh, and K. gave Daron something which he just LOVES. It’s the solo album of Vivian Campbell. I know, you’re saying who? This is a guy (guitarist) who played with Dio, Thin Lizzy, and a bunch of other bands, and whose most lasting gig has been as a member of Def Leppard. Terry Bozzio plays on this record, too. If you don’t know that name either, I better just stop there.


    1. Ooh, you’re right! That’s what I get for trying to write things up on 3 hours of sleep. (First draft wasn’t even close to complete sentences…)

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