Back from Atlanta, soon to NYC, and more kitten news

The FFF Atlanta is over and it went really really well. Except for the bit where we lost $4K. Still, not bad for a first year, and I think we’ll make it back next year, then turn a real profit in 2013. So many great people came out to support the event, and I had a great time meeting folks. It’ll grow next year!
This Friday I am doing a reading in New York City, in the new Ravenous Readings series at the Happy Endings Lounge. This is the same place where Rachel Kramer Bussell held the “In the Flesh” readings for the past five years, and this new reading series will be all erotic romance, first Friday of the month. This will be the first one and I’ll be reading from one of my erotic romances — haven’t picked which selection yet! Probably something from Magic University, but we’ll see.
We let the cats out to give them the run of the hallway and stairway tonight! And I do mean run. It took about two hours for them to get comfortable, but once they did, the best game of kitten tag to date took place, with all three kittens chasing each other at top speed back and forth on the wooden floor. I’ll post pics of the racing later (I got some great ones!) but in the meanwhile, here’s some from last week I didn’t have time to post before I left for Atlanta. These are from Jan 23-26 and include Oolong climbing the hammock upside down like a monkey…

Kittens January 23-26, hammock etc

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