Well, it’s official! I just received word I will be teaching a wizarding class at Aeternitas (the Harry Potter fan convention April 28-May 1 in Laconia, NH https://www.aeternitas2011.org/).
I’ll be teaching a Divination class in basic Tarot, but simultaneously teaching a writers workshop in how to use the Tarot as a writing tool. Because it’s a wizarding class, I get to have two bios, one of myself and one of the professor character I will be role playing. Of course my character is a visiting professor of Poetry and Prophecy from Veritas.
Hm, I wonder if I shall have to gussy up my robes in proper Veritas fashion, then…?
(class description under the cut if you missed my earlier posts talking about it…)

Tarot As Divinatory Storytelling
Poetry and storytelling are important skills in the wizarding world. From the Sorting Hat’s song to the Tales of Beedle the Bard, we see how the craft of writing encapsulates our past and creates our future. In this class we will explore the Tarot as a writing tool, as a method for divining what lies within. No prior knowledge of the Tarot is necessary for this class, though those experienced with the cards will also find plenty to engage them here. All aspiring poets, bards, storytellers and writers as well as oracles are welcome to learn the magic behind using the archetypes in the Tarot as a means to channel character, plot, conflict, resolution, and theme. Please bring a deck if you have a favorite.

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