I booked my flight to England via Iceland!

OK, I did it. I booked my flights to and from Dia-Con Alley, in the UK, in July.
I’ve been searching for the lowest fares possible for a couple of months and coming up with mostly $1100-$1200 from Boston to any UK airport. Even Farecast (now Bing Travel) which tracks fares is saying BUY NOW this week, when there were several showing up for $1050 or so on Icelandair, and the price predictor was saying it will rise $50 to $150. All icelandair flights pass through Iceland.
So I went to the icelandair website directly and discovered a couple of MUCH cheaper fares. If I had been willing to travel on a couple of dates i didn’t want to, I could have gotten the fare all the way down to $860 round trip! The fun catch is that it turns out to be cheaper to use the Icelandair fare search in “advanced” mode where you plan a stopover in Reykjavik. You can just put in roundtrip, but if you go to advanced mode you can pick specific dates to stop in Reykjavik and leave. It will then show you the cheapest legs of the trip a few days before and after your target dates.
It works out that if I fly from London on July 27th to Reykjavik and then don’t leave Reykjavik until July 29th, the fares work out to about $150 cheaper than if I didn’t stay over. So now I’ve got myself two bonus nights in Iceland!
If you’re flying from Boston, anyway, it seems like IcelandAir is the way to go. they were cheaper than all the other carriers even before I planned the stopover, and now even less.
So, Europe, here I come. Anyone have recommendations for where to stay in Reykjavik? I see lots of guest hostels and B&Bs on the Internet sites. Cheap is good if they’re safe places. (I’m under the impression Iceland is pretty safe overall…)


  1. Delta is soon to start regular service to London from Boston. I got an email a while back about super low intro prices. For future reference…

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