Call for submissions: Magic University anthology

Some of you may know I’ve been working on an anthology of short stories set in the universe of my Magic University books. Many of my favorite writers I know through fanfic have contributed stories to it, but my editor wants me to try to get at least two more stories in before Ravenous Romance publishes it.
So I’m putting out an open call for more contributions. I’m looking for erotic short stories set at Veritas or in the magical world of the books, length from 2500 to 7500 words. You can use my characters or your own, and stories do not have to be “canon compliant.” (If you want to pair or ship characters who don’t get together in the actual canon, that’s fine.)
Tales from Magic University will be published in ebook form by Ravenous Romance just like one of their regular short story anthologies, which pay $10 up front as an advance against a share of the royalties, split among all the contributors. They pay quarterly.
The deadline for new contributions is March 31st. If you’re intrigued, please read on for more details!

All submissions should be sent to my fanfic address [ravenna_c_tan @] either as attachments or in the body of the email. Please include your real name, pseudonym (if you have one), mailing address (so they can send you a contract and a check), and your phone number (in case I have a quick question while editing the story).
If you’re participating in the project, here are some guidelines you should know:
1. You get to keep the rights to any original character you create or use. If you want to write your own original fiction later with that character, you will be welcome to. However be aware that your character could show up in a Magic U book, too.
2. I’m supportive of fanfic in my universe. The publisher is aware that what this anthology will be is, essentially, sanctioned fanfic. Once the ebook is released, you will have the right to post your story (if you want) in your Livejournal and in fanfic archives. In fact, I will be encouraging folks to do so to help build more interest in Magic University!
3. If you want to give it a try but haven’t read the books yet, email me and I’ll send you a review copy PDF of book one and send you the notes I’ve compiled for other writers. There’s also a start at an online reference to the world here: The world is Harry-Potter-esque, but with some very important differences.
4. As I mentioned before, you don’t have to stick with the canon pairings. I have suggestions for some “missing scenes” and fun set-ups to get characters together if you are interested…! For example, I probably won’t be putting Kyle and his best friend Alex together in the actual books, but you know, sometimes an enchanter really needs a lightning rod…
As for who else is in the book, here are the stories already in the hopper:
Chimera by Rian Darcy (Frost/Bell)
Diary of a Lost Scholar by Frances Selkirk (original characters)
Quenching the Fire by leela_cat (Brandish/Bell)
Aunt Wendy’s Ring by Lauren P. Burka (Glendon/OC)
Place Where I Belong by Deb Atwood (Ash/OC)
Ignorance is Bliss by Cecilia Tan (Frost/Michael Candlin)
What I Did on my Summer Vacation by Frances Selkirk (Kyle/OC, Alex/OC, with a hint of Kyle/Alex)
Lakeside Encounter by Cecilia Tan (Kyle/OC)
The Stain of Memory by Cecilia Tan (Brandish/Bell)
I would love to have some femslash in the book. I would love to see someone tackle a Dean Bell/Kyle scenario. But you’re also welcome to come up with new ways to play in the sandbox, too, just check with me about whether they’ll fit and how.
Remember: March 31st deadline!
P.S. yes, it’s OK to forward a link to this message to writers you know! 🙂

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