Aeternitas this weekend!

Getting psyched up for Aeternitas this weekend! (For those wondering what that is, it’s a Harry Potter fan gathering in New Hampshire.) Among the fun things, various people will be offering workshops as Hogwarts canon classes (I’m teaching one on Divination: using the Tarot as a storytelling tool for writers). How awesome is this? “Students” will be able to come up to the teachers after class for a grade. Muahaha.
Can I give detention, too? Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, I’ll see you in my room please.
GatewayGirl and I are rooming together and we could probably fit a third if anyone needs a place. we’re in the Lake Building, which connects to the main building at the Margate via a tunnel, has free Wifi, and they say it’s likely we’ll have a small fridge in our room, too. I’ll be bringing tea and ramen. If you’re interested, drop me an email at my fannish address: ravenna_c_tan @ yahoo.
I’m also going to do a reading from Magic University and really hope people show up for it. To entice folks I’m going to give away some copies of the books and maybe some other goodies!
Reading: Friday 2pm – 3pm in the Blackstone Lounge
(And my Tarot class is Saturday at 11am in the Granite room).

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