Aeternitas con post #1

(This is the post from Thursday night, but I just finally got Internet by going down to the lobby!)
Here I am at Aeternitas! But I’ll probably be posting all this afterward, since the first thing I noticed upon checking into my room is that the WIFI doesn’t work.
We’re at a lovely lakeside resort called The Margate in Laconia, New Hampshire, and everything so far has been terrific with the venue except that they really are not prepared for a full house of LiveJournal addicts! The Internet is overloaded is the word. Ah well. I’ve been using Twitter to put out brief observations, but that’s all.
I arrived in time to catch the Fashion Show, except I decided I had to be fussy about my own costumes and hang up all my robes and shirts and such (HP cons are the only ones where I actually use the iron in the room…) and so I missed the beginning of it. The emcees were Lucius and Draco, and if you’ve been to any of the main HP cons in the past few years you now who I mean. They’re from the Boston area and Lucius has always had a lot of flair so this was a perfect gig.
There were some incredible costumes in the fashion show. My three favorites, if I were giving awards, went to the Lily Evans ball gown, the steampunk Tonks, and to the combination Snape/Captain Harlock. Droxy also put in an appearance as leather-clad Snape that drew many whistles from the predominantly female audience. There was also Death, who came out and presented the Deathly Hallows to three lucky audience members, including pulling the invisibility cloak out of his pants?!? Suffice to say a grand time was had by all.
At the end of the fashion show it turned into a dance party, but the dancing mainly had to stay on the stage & runway since the “event tent” is on an uneven grass surface. I ran into Sinick and Acidburn (and Acid’s SO, whom I gather is normally an HP widow but came along this time) toward the end and sat and chatted with them for a bit. Then we went off to check out the Common Room.
I got separated from them along the way as I stopped to put in some donations to the fundraising raffle. In my various travels to book conventions and the like I have ended up with things like extra copies of The Science of Harry Potter and HP sticker books and such. So I donated them. The coolest thing is probably a Scholastic Half Blood Prince giveaway from BookExpo a few years back, a fiber optic pen that lights up Avada Kedavra green. Muahaha.
As it turned out the common room was closed for cleaning until 10pm, though, and I wandered about a bit but never did find them again. Instead I ran into Montana and her daughter, and we ended up in the common room (which had opened by then), and I did a tarot reading for Montana. Then along came DJ, BethBethBeth, and Reddwarfer, and I did readings for Beth(3) and Redd. Then Beth ran off to her room to work on fest stuff since she couldn’t connect to the Internet from the common room. Friendship bracelets were made. Politics were discussed. The failings of Book 7 and also the Star Wars saga were discussed.
It’s now one in the morning and I’m back in my room drinking herbal tea and still can’t connect to the Internet. This is just as well as now I ought to try to write another 1000 words of Magic University Book 4 and then get to sleep at 2am so I can make it to breakfast by 10. The hot breakfast buffet is only $6.95; I’m there!

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