Aeternitas con post #2

Just got back from a lovely dinner at a local diner that gives a 10% discount to all wizards. Yum! Went with a pile of people from the Snarry Suite, including DementorDelta, Alisanne, Leela Cat, GatewayGirl, LilysEyes, and Anne Scribelan (sp?). Really needed to tank up on calories after having had basically pretzels and Lemonheads for dinner last night in the common room… and mostly nothing but TimTams all afternoon.
Well, I *did* have breakfast as planned… Even a little earlier than planned as I woke up at 8am like a kid on Christmas, unable to get back to sleep even though I’d only slept about five and a half hours. I was amused to find my ENTIRE twitter feed overnight was royal wedding tweets. I lay around in bed another hour hoping to fall back to sleep but no dice. So I got up and went to breakfast and one of my dearest friends in HP fandom was sitting right there in the dining room, dressed as Petunia, with a giant trifle on a platter! So I had breakfast with Nic and then we checked out Diagon Alley (the dealers room) together.
I bought a “tiny tome”–a leatherbound journal JUST the right size for bear!Frost. (Uh, story of the fantastic bears that a fan made me of Kyle, Alex, and Frost from the Magic University series is in a previous journal entry. I’ll link to it if I remember when I finally get somewhere with Internet.)
The lack of Internet is vexing. Some people went to lunch to day at McDonalds so they could use the wifi. Oddly, it appears I can Skype and my backups to iDrive offsite work, but web browsing is broken. I think it’s a DNS problem, and that’s just completely beyond the hotel staff’s ability to deal with.
After spending too much time in Diagon Alley, I missed astronomy class, so went up to the common room with Nic, had some royal wedding cake (yes, they put it out at 4am), did a tarot reading for Rose and one for Nic, chatted a bit with Essie, and then GatewayGirl arrived, so we hung around a bit with Nic, and then it was time for me to get ready for my reading.
Alas, the reading was not as well attended as I hoped, which means I shall just have to hunt down and hex guilt-trip all those who said they’d be there and didn’t show into buying books later… It was fun, though, and I even read the intro chapter to The Prince’s Boy as well, since I have that in paperback now, too. And I sold one book, so I had dinner money. 🙂
Let’s see. Then I took Professor Stump’s herbology class! It was very very informative about plant care. Lots of good things to know about both my houseplants and yard, and also some really good details I can use in a potions fic…! Ran into Supes in the hallway, but didn’t have time then for more than a quick hello.
Then it was off to the Snarry Suite, where I ran into many of my slashing friends, and some other folks dropped by. I finally met Droxy when she wasn’t cosplaying Snape! Let’s see, who else was there. In addition to our dinner companions, there was Leni-Jess, R. Grayjoy, Femmequixotic, BethBethBeth, Noe, Sinick and Acid and S.O., Rose, ziasudra, Rose, and an assortment of others I didn’t have a chance to chat with before we went off to dinner.
GatewayGirl and I had a dip in the hot tub and pool, and now she’s off to see Epic Win Burlesque and I’m going to probably head down to the hotel lobby and see if I can get on the wifi there. If I do, you’ll be reading this sooner. If I don’t, later. Then I’ll probably hang out either in the Snarry Suite or the common room, do some more Tarot readings and hopefully convince some folks to do a drabble circle.
Tomorrow I teach my Divination Class, on using the Tarot as a writing tool. (Looks like I’ll probably be teaching it at Diacon Alley, too. Not definite yet, but looks hopeful.)


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