Should I bring books to sell/sign to Diacon Alley?

It occurs to me some folks at Diacon Alley might be interested in signed copies of some of my books. I understand the books are harder to get in the UK than the US (or at least usually more expensive) and my signature, well, you can’t get that from Amazon. 🙂
I won’t have a heck of a lot of room in my luggage, but if you think you might want any of the following, please tell me, and I’ll try to pack accordingly! (i.e. please tell me your level of interest: yes for sure, pretty sure, maybe if I have the money, etc.)
I’ll take US cash or pounds or Euros, with prices as marked below.
The Prince’s Boy, vol 1 paperback
(US$20, call it 13 pounds, 14 Euro)
Magic U Book 1: The Siren & the Sword
(US$13, 9 pounds, 9 Euro)
Magic U Book 2: The Tower and the Tears
(US$13, 9 pounds, 9 Euro)
The rest of my books are all digital right now.

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