Magic University contest and back-to-school fun, Day Two!

Day Two! I’m continuing my week of back-to-school posts in which I give away some free books and tell more about the world of Magic University. As we get ready for the release of The Poet and the Prophecy (book four in the Magic University series) I answer some questions about magic in my universe that I’ve been asked.
Q: Are there female lightning rods?
A: If you’ve read book one, you know lightning rods are rare men who can very quickly gather magical energy from the natural world around them and can create thunderclouds when they do. It’s considered a very phallic ability, but there are women with the same ability! A woman who can draw down lightning is called a “fulgora.”
Q: What’s the biggest difference between your magic and the magic in Harry Potter?
A: In my world, a wand can’t be used like a gun. In fact, most magic users don’t use wands at all, except during specific rituals. I’m hard pressed to remember anyone actually using one in the books.

Q: Some of the characters in Magic U. have ancestors who are mythical creatures, for example: Michael is part-siren. What is Kyle? What about Alex and Frost?
A: Alex definitely has fae blood, but Kyle and Frost so far haven’t expressed the heredity of any particular creature. Neither of them knew their parents or perhaps they’d know more. All that’s certain is that they’re related to the bloodlines of two powerful poets.

In sex magic, who is stronger, men or women?
A: All practitioners of Esoteric Arts are powerful, regardless of their gender. Some esoteric spells require one male and one female participant, others require two males, two females, or even some other number. There is always a balance between the participants as power flows back and forth. Even when phallic penetration takes place, that does not mean the one doing the penetrating is “stronger” then or even dominant over the other partner.
And now for today’s quiz and contest. Multiple choice! Send your choice of answers by midnight tonight and win your choice of either a signed copy of book one, or a package of volumes one through three in ebook form! Comment or email your entry to ctan DOT writer AT gmail DOT com with subject line: MU Contest Day 2
(Winner and answer to yesterday’s quiz is below.)
1. Which of the following subjects is not offered at Veritas?
A. Applied Enchantment
B. Astronomy
C. Charms
D. Ritual Arts
2. Which of the following are “magic numbers?”
A. 3
B. 4
C. 7
D. All of the above
3. In omens class, Kyle learns that a cat sneezing means what?
A. A good friend will visit
B. You’re going to get laid
C. Rain is on the way
D. None of the above
4. In which class at Veritas would you learn to change lead to gold?
A. Esoteric Arts
B. Alchemy
C. Prophetic Studies
D. Tech Magic
5. Which of the following poets did not attend Harvard?
A. TS Eliot
B. Margaret Atwood
C. ee cummings
D. Ralph Waldo Emerson
E. Edgar Allan Poe
Answers to yesterday’s quiz!
“I’m, um, I’m more of a top, myself.” –Kyle
“I’m going to castrate you myself with a rusted garden stake.” –Frost
“Please make sure you have Master Brandish’s mobile on speed dial.” –Dean Bell
“So, speaking as your metaphorical bodyguard, your highness, I must say, me likes not this turn of events.” — Alex
“I am so not doing the thing of being that girl who only talks about her ‘man’ as a way to pump up her self-worth.” –Marigold
“I’m willing to do a lot of things for the house. But you aren’t one of them.” –Persy Cavendish
“She’s allergic to boy cooties, you know.” –Jeanie
“On the slim chance that the world does not end, you also have the matter to deal with that you have unfinished coursework from previous semesters, you know.” –Master Brandish
Congrats to Ellen V. for being yesterday’s winner! All entries to today’s contest will be entered regardless of whether you get the answers all correct. (I’ll put more chances in for the right answers, though.) Everyone can get an A for Effort… 🙂
Comment with quiz answers to enter, or email them to ctan DOT writer AT with subject line MU contest day 2!

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