So, last night I got in to Pottermore finally! The email came, followed by a few hours where it kept telling me the site was too busy. THEN it showed the screen I’d seen before saying the bit about how they weren’t taking sign-ups. But that’s the screen one wants, apparently — just use the login box and it worked.
I spent the next two hours tooling around the site. You follow the plot of the books to do things like open your account at Gringotts, buy your school supplies, get your wand, and then get Sorted at Hogwarts!
I’m sure you will all be shocked, SHOCKED to learn I got Ravenclaw. Apparently my recent change to Slytherin is just a phase I’m going through or something, and I’m still a Ravenclaw at heart. 🙂
My wand, alder with dragon heartstring, “surprisingly swishy!”
There is some great background stuff about wand woods and cores that I will definitely be ganking for fanfic and RPG purposes.
The best thing I’ve read so far on the site after all the wandlore stuff, though, is the background history of Minerva McGonagall. Lots of great stuff there — I won’t give it away. Just go read it when you get in!
Anyone who’s on and wants to friend me, I’m ScarletQuest204!

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