Magic U back-to-school giveaway contest, Day 6!

Yes, back-to-school week is winding down, so this is the last quiz of the week, and your last chance to win either an autographed copy of book one from the Magic University series or volumes 1-3 as ebooks. (Tomorrow I’ll give an extra credit assignment, though!)
Biology & Mythology
I’m running out of lessons I can give on the magical world of Veritas without giving away too much of the plot. Today, however, we will talk about Magical Biology & Creatures.
In my world, some mythical creatures were real once, like the unicorn and the sphinx, but are now extinct. Others, like the vampire and the incubus, are tales that non-magical folk created to explain some things in the magical world they didn’t understand.
Vampires supposedly live forever, don’t eat food or have sex, but do suck blood. One of the disciplines that magical humans can follow to achieve much longer than normal life (200+ years) is that of the blood mage. Blood mages give up the usual biological functions of a human body (food, sex, sleep) and instead sustain themselves magically through meditation, training, and the ritual taking of blood from a willing donor–usually just a drop.
Succubi and incubi are dream projections created by magical people with strong lusts or desires who are trying to repress those desires. Instead the desires take form in the dreamscape and break free, visiting other dreamers in search of satiation.
Then of course there are the things that were shared with non-magical folk before the 1692 decision to go into hiding, like Tarot cards and flying brooms/carpets that can’t be “erased” from the cultural memory. Why do magical folk talk to cats, anyway? There are other things that mundane folk get “almost right,” and which the magical folk allow them to think so that the actual truth will remain hidden… you’ll have to read the books to see what else.
Today’s Quiz
And now, today’s quiz! Five quick multiple choice questions which if you’ve been paying attention to the previous lessons and quizzes you should be able to answer, as the answers are all contained in the previous posts! Comment or email your best guess to enter to win your choice of a signed copy of book one in the series or all three of books 1-3 in ebook form! (Email to ctan.writer at
1. Which of the following is an Esoteric Arts technique?
A. Moonlight Rose
B. Choking the Chicken
C. Tribadism
D. Sleeping with the Enemy
2. If by some chance the world does NOT end, what will Frost have to do?
A. Argue with the registrar over tuition.
B. Finish the unfinished coursework from previous semesters.
C. Dance the tarantella.
D. Buy Master Brandish a drink.
3. What happens if a lightning rod and a fulgora have sex?
A. Sparks fly.
B. It’s electrifying.
C. A highly tempestuous relationship.
D. All of the above.
4. Which Tarot card is most likely to mean happiness?
A. Ten of Swords
B. Three of Cups
C. Two of Swords
D. The Moon
5. Which of the following does not contain a magical swear?
A. Go fuck Aleister Crowley’s eye socket!
B. What in Mother Shipton’s stinky knickers do you mean by that?
C. Where the bloody hell is Frost going at night?
D. I wouldn’t give that pigfucking son of Circe the time of day.
Yesterday’s Winner & Answers
Yesterday’s winner was Yasuhime!
And wow, was I impressed with the variety of the answers I got for the “fill in the blanks” on the poems! People really had fun with this. Here are some of my favorites:
1. From an angel’s lips come the sweetest of sighs
On the wing s/he takes to the skies
I will find heaven…

…if I follow her/his cries. (Yasuhime)
…between her/his thighs. (Jessica H.)
…if bless’d in her eyes. (Michael C.)
…as we both arise. (Winoniel)
…in her steak and ale pies. (Erastes)
2. Magic grows like the hawthorn tree
Wild and sharp in younger days
Then stalwart strength comes with age
Fiercely guarding…

…those who believe. (Yasuhime)
…the old-worn ways. (Jessica H.)
… the Circle’s heart. (Michael C.)
…till it slays. (Kestrell)
…the young tree to be. (Winoniel)
3. There once was a siren from Crete
Whom the sailors all wished to meet
“But they drink too much wine”
She complained at the time

… fucking, they’re as soft as my teat!” (Michael C.)
…they lay dead drunk at her feet. (Erastes)
…they collapsed while humping her feet. (Kestrell)
…their will was greater than their feat. (Winoniel)
4. Desire grows tall as a thundercloud
Arousal crackles like lightning
And release falls like…

… like tropical rain: so brief, so nourishing. (Kestrell)
…Thor’s mighty hammer (Yasuhime)
…a scorched squirrel from a burnt tree. (Jessica H.)
5. Love is as…
…unpredictable as the fate that awaits us (Yasuhime)
…complicated as a Gordian Knot (Jessica H.)
…nourishing as mother’s milk. (Michael C.)
…fleeting as snow. (Erastes)
…common as bread, and as necessary. (Kestrell)
…keen as a razor’s blade. (Winoniel)
(Tomorrow’s “extra credit” assignment will also be poetry-based!)


    1. LOL. I do use it as a joke in book 4. 🙂 But I should point out your entry came 2 hours after deadline for the day 6 contest. You can still enter today’s though! (Day 7)

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