Last day! Magic U back-to-school giveaway day 7!

And it’s the final day of my back-to-school Magic University promo week! Today we have an extra credit assignment related to today’s lesson on Poetry.
As I mentioned before, Poetry is one of the major magical disciplines. Kyle, our hero, is a poet, a relative of Longfellow, and he is astonished to learn upon arriving at Veritas that many of the English poets (and American ones, too) were magical. T.S. Eliot attended Veritas and often wrote a mundane version and a magical version of his poems. Shakespeare was magical, as were Blake, Spenser, and Shelley.
Before 1692, when the magical community in Europe and the Americas went into hiding in the face of church persecution, the magical poets were more open about their abilities. Afterward, poets continued to publish poems with magical themes, though, in the name of poetic license.
In the books I quote snippets of the magical poems, and of course Kyle writes his own.
Today’s Assignment
So for today’s extra credit assignment, write me a poem about magic! Or love. Or both… Everyone who posts a poem (and gives me their email) will receive either the ebook of The Siren & The Sword (book one) or Spellbinding (the Magic U erotic short story anthology), and I will pick the entry I like best from all those I receive to get one winner of either an autographed copy of the book one paperback, or the set of 3 ebooks that is volumes 1-3. (If they’re all so good I can’t decide… I’ll use to pick, as I have in the previous days.)
Your poem can be a limerick or a haiku, it can rhyme or be free verse. If you choose a poetic form like the sonnet or haiku, please include in your post what form you chose.
Remember, ALL entrants will get a copy of ebook one or Spellbinding! You have until midnight eastern time tonight to post your poem! Either post it in a comment to one of my blogs, OR EVEN BETTER post it in your own blog and just comment with a link to it! 🙂
Yesterday’s Winner
Yesterday’s winner was Ariadnechan!
And here were the answers:
1. Which of the following is an Esoteric Arts technique?
A. Moonlight Rose
2. If by some chance the world does NOT end, what will Frost have to do?
B. Finish the unfinished coursework from previous semesters.
3. What happens if a lightning rod and a fulgora have sex?
D. All of the above.
4. Which Tarot card is most likely to mean happiness?
B. Three of Cups
5. Which of the following does not contain a magical swear?
C. Where the bloody hell is Frost going at night?
(because bloody hell is not a magical swear!)
Thanks everyone for taking my quizzes! You’re all equipped now to matriculate at Veritas, the Magic University!
I see the Amazon Kindle store has book one on sale for 99 cents again! (Here: It’s also 99 cents at the B&N “Nookstore” (Here:


  1. A Villanelle
    Love is the spell that changes everything
    It makes us better or it makes us worse
    whether we’re beggar girl or soldier king.
    It writes the songs that all musicians sing
    and sits beside their chair when they rehearse
    Love is the spell that changes everything.
    To do without it was to forge the ring
    that wrecked the world – the Nibelung’s bleak curse.
    Whether we’re beggar girl or soldier king
    It fans our sleep with its all-caring wing.
    And for the dying it’s the kindest nurse
    Love is the spell that changes everything
    It is our greatest joy and suffering
    It is the source of all our greatest verse
    whether we’re beggar girl of soldier king
    villain’s destruction, pure saint’s hallowing
    It rocks our cradle and it pulls our hearse
    Love is the spell that changes everything
    whether we’re beggar girl or soldier king.

    1. Oh lovely. That could almost be the moral of the series (although everyone’s feels like they’re at least figuring it out, if not mastering it…) 😉

  2. Well, I didn’t realize until just now that the challenge only lasted until midnight last night, lol. Oops! I wrote a poem anyway. I’ll share it even though it’s not valid. Thank you for the poetry-writing inspiration! Mine is acrostic free style.
    Miles spill out in front of me. They spell out
    A drawling landscape of “what if”. But isn’t it
    Graduated animal impulse, this needy alliance: Love?
    Isn’t it just the slurred edge of an instinct. Or is it
    Conjured possibility. Human idiosyncrasy. Magic maybe.

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