Holiday spirit

My Xmas vampire romance story on sale today $1.99 at Ravenous Romance:

It’s the seventh story in their “12 Days of Christmas” — so it’s the seven swans a-swimming.
As the marketing blurb reads…
She is over a thousand years old, and has worn many names and lived many places, but Sarah finds herself in London at Christmastime. There, she meets an ex-lover, a vampire she herself made hundreds of years before. Robert is forever a young Adonis, thanks to her gift, and the two of them decide to hunt together for old times’ sake, for vampires cannot have sex without feeding on fresh blood first.
They hunt together through the streets of London, but what they find surprises even a thousand-year old vampire. Passion, blood, and love ignite this holiday story by award-winning writer Cecilia Tan.

(I did not write the marketing copy, by the way. Just the story.)

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