Duck Day 2009 Menu, and other holiday stuff

First, if any of you are so inclined, please drop by this post on my baseball blog and leave your suggestions for baseball-related gifts this season:
And now, sorry for the delay, here is the Duck Day 2009 menu I’ve been meaning to post:
Amuse Bouche • Burrata with sea salt and a micro tomato basil salad
–sadly the burrata had gone bad! A very fine pecorino stood in for it nicely though.
Anti • Pasti
Anchovies, salt cured and garnished with Parmesan & Lemon
Arancini of porcini mushroom
Artichoke hearts in wine and vinegar
Peppers, red, oven-roasted
Peppers, baby red and yellow, pickled in olive oil and spices
Prosciutto of Duck
Wine Pairing: Muri-Gries Alto Adige Lagrein Rosato 2008 (It’s a rosé)
Duck Italian Wedding Soup
duck meatballs with stellina pasta and mustard greens in duck broth
Frangelico Duck Italiano
seared duck breast, glazed with Frangelico liqueur
served on a pair of root vegetable schmears: paprika’d carrot & parsnip and celeriac root frangelico
Wine Pairing: Aglianico del Taburno Fidelis 2005
–this was the dish it took me 3 days to prep all the ingredients. It was worth it.
Duck Ravioli
handmade ravioli stuffed with braised duck, roasted garlic, and fennel and served with a marsala demi-glace
–I will post photos of corwin and Scliff making the ravioli.
Mixed Grill
Smoked duck breast, honey and orange glazed roast quail, sweet italian duck sausage with fennel, spicy italian duck sausage, and duck livers and other organs
Accompanied by white beans, and roasted kale
Wine Pairing: Vietti Langhe Nebbiolo Perbacco 2006
Tangerine Ice with Prosecco
Wood Fired Ducks served with roasted root vegetables, and broccoli in a lemon bath
–yesterday I threw the leftover wood-fired root veg (beets, turnips, leeks) into a pot with a leftover half bottle of red wine and two lamb shanks and it made the BEST LAMB STEW EVER.
Crimini Mushroom & Celery Salad with White Truffle
–yes, corwin finally got to serve a white truffle!
Dessert Course • Trio of Delights
Handmade milano cookies • Miniature flat cannoli • Homemade strawberry ice cream with balsamic vinegar and candied basil
Wine Pairing: Malvasia Sicilia
–unusually, I was the one who made all the desserts & their parts except the candied basil
Followed by Tea, Coffee, & Grappa
We sat down pretty much on time at 8pm and desert was served at about 2am. We used pretty much every dish in the china closet, many of them multiple times.
Photos now up on Photobucket!

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