Our "Duck Day 2011" (Thanksgiving) menu

Okay, here it is, the menu from this year’s Duck Day extravaganza. The planning took place last week at a dinner at Journeyman, at which Scliff said “Why don’t we do Mexican or Southwestern?” To which corwin and I said, “Okay!” It’s a cuisine we hadn’t done for a Duck Day dinner party, but we’ve all cooked for ourselves plenty of times.
In the end it was a meal that required six different kinds of milk, seven different kinds of peppers, three kinds of pumpkin, and resulted in 8-9 courses (depending on how you count ’em). Full menu below the cut! (Photos and recipes coming later.)

Duck Day 2011 (“La Fiesta del Pato”) Menu
Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Lime Crema, Spice-toasted Pepitas, and Optional Chile Oil
with fresh-baked pan cubano
Traditional Tijuana Caesar Salad with Garlic Croutons y Shaved Parmesan
Duo of Ceviches: Scallop “a la Margarita” (tequila, lime, & orange) y Halibut Dulce (sweet yellow pepper & cinnamon)
con pepillinos artisanos (with mexican-style pickled peppers, pearl onions, and tomatillos)
Duck and Wild Mushroom “Carnitas” Tamales
con mole rojo, salsa fresca, y curtido (spicy cabbage slaw)
Arroz con Habichuelas Negros (a fried rice cake with black beans)
con Chorizo de Pato (duck chorizo sausage)
Tamarind soda with a lime sorbet float
Braised Duck in Green Mole
with a duck boullion chaser
Tequila Lime Glazed, Pan-Seared Duck Breasts
with Cinnamon and Currant Rice
Lavando La Vajilla (Washing the Dishes)
Cupcakes Tres Leches (“three milks”) with “Maraschino cherry” sphere
Blueberry Cinnamon Shortcakes with cajeta (goat-milk caramel)


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