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Today’s blog post comes from erotic romance writer Amber Rose Thompson, the author of Tied To Passion and Take Bi Love, both from Renaissance eBooks. Take it away, Amber!

Amber Rose Thompson

Amber Rose Thompson: By day I am a librarian, by night an erotic writer with romantic overtones to my work. I wish there was a purple cape to wear while I write. It feels like I’m a covert librarian writing the very material my library would never carry. I have been married for fifteen years to the person of my dreams which is probably why I write erotica. I want to get her turned on. The odd thing about our marriage is that we both are transgendered. When we got married we were in different bodies with different genders. Talk about your odd marriage, but the changes we went through and the experiences garnered infiltrate and affect my writing, giving me an intriguing view on what both women and men experience at the height of erotic tension and passion.
My work is gender switching or fluid at times, with characters breaking from established molds and finding the passion and lust hidden in their psyches.
To find a sense of self as separate and individualistic from all those we come into daily or brief contact with, there first must be a structure from which we mimic and explore in search of our own way. As children, we inherit this infrastructure from our families or the ones we spend the most contact with, whom we mime to learn how to behave and even what to perceive. It is all so easy to follow what our parents or society tell us, and then when we go off onto our own separate lives to keep close to what we were given and add an adornment here or there to show we are different enough to have a different name. But we still fit.
It is all about fitting. Think of early childhood education, we learn the colors–red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple–until we can recite the names and identify them without thought. But what if purple looks bluish red or reddish blue to us? It’s still purple. Only an answer of purple will make teachers smile and parents pat you on the back. The problem is, sometimes it really is reddish blue to one person and bluish red to another, if they are honest.
We only know if it is red or blue or purple or something in-between from how much we get to experience of life or see other perspectives. When the world only allows us one outlet for expression, the needs, thoughts, and desires we might want to express in our art, our lives, and our world get pushed back into the darkest regions of the psyche and give up the conscious mind as a lost cause.
But those desires and needs are still there brimming under our daily actions, waiting for a place to exert the slightest of force. Maybe it is an odd fetish that makes no sense but really turns us on, or it could be the need to go to work in a three-piece suit with lace lingerie underneath, or even a craving to smack the living daylights out of a nice, voluptuous ass. We don’t know where the drive comes from, but we will never feel fulfilled until we find it a way of letting go so it can thrive in the oxygen-rich world of sexual and erotic intimacy.
BDSM and erotica are all about losing control of our conscious reasoning and allowing the psyche to come out and play. The nice pigeonholing gets to crack into shards that ignite with passion and lust. As important, questions get asked that no one might wish to admit to when the morning alarm blares that another day awaits our acting normal and sane.
The adjectives we are given as a child–male, female, straight, bi, trans, gay, or so many more–are fodder for the erotic tale seeking to poke holes in established notions of what love entails and what gender is required to be. It is this freedom, I seek to push as far as the limits of imagination will allow in my novellas.
In my first book, Tied To Passion, the male main character, Rodney, prides himself in being straight-laced, good looking, smart, talented, chivalrous, and of good character. In comes his editor, Celene, who is intrigued with what she believes is lurking under his skin, wanting a way to chisel out and get laid hard, dirty, and raucously. As the two face off, Rodney starts exploring what he never thought a man of his stature was allowed to try and finds a potential life opening up he might become addicted to.
While my novellas deal with a variety of sexual orientations and preferences, the one theme that runs through all my writing is the idea that gender, attraction, orientation, power and submissiveness, are not black and white but come in a myriad shades of gray that mix and merge together as relationships are explored and lust allowed to exist.
The characters in all my works switch back and forth, getting for the first time in their lives to explore hidden options and potentialities to truly define themselves as individuals. If there is one thing I would like readers to take away from reading on of my works is that it is never too late to define love, intimacy, and roles for themselves. The past might not have included all you need, but the future still exists.
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  1. As the editor of this book I am a little biased, but it’s a pretty good read, considering “I” hated Rodney at the beginning. His transition in the story is pretty interesting but to be fair I never really doubted Celene. But I have intimate knowledge 🙂
    I think it along with other Amber Rose Thompson books will find a place in all readers hearts.

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