The Prince's Boy wins Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards!

Rainow awards honorable mentionSqueeeeee! The Prince’s Boy (vol 1) has won Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards in “Best Gay Fantasy”! These are the annual awards arranged by Rainbow Reviews, Elisa Rolle’s fabulous review blog. Full results on all the winners and the comments from the judges are on LJ at:
(That is, if the DDoS attack will let you get at LJ. I was able to read the post just fine, but not comment.)
Check out what the review posted with it says: “This story needs to come with a warning. *Do not read if you have any sort of cardiac issues* LOL. No, really. Brilliant from start to finish, but whew! What a marathon! You’d better train up for this one, or be prepared to read it in small bite sized pieces (if you can put it down, and yes, it is that good). There is graphic torture, rape, slavery, every form of questionable behavior one could think of. And with all that? A story not to be missed. By turns gritty and lyrical. It is the chiming of tiny crystal hand bells and the inescapable, thundering peal of the bells of Notre Dame. A powerhouse, a tour de force. –Cherie”
Yes, oh yes. I’m so glad readers feel that way since, well, that was the goal. (*Grin.*)
If anyone’s interested in purchasing a signed copy of the paperback for the holidays, or an ebook edition for anytime, links are below the cut. But mostly I just wanted to squee!
To get an autographed copy of volume one, Paypal $14.95 plus shipping to “ctan.writer @” and specify to me who you want it made out to or if just my commemorative scrawl will do the trick.
Shipping: USA $4.95 Priority Mail
Canada: $6.95 Priority Mail
Europe: $13.95 International Priority Mail
If you’re further afield than that, holler and I’ll check the prices.
Unfortunately, volume 2 won’t make it here before the holidays, nor will the omnibus collector’s edition. I’m expecting them the first week of January, though (finally!)
To download the ebook, here are a load of places to purchase it from:
Circlet Press (all ebook formats)
All Romance eBooks (all ebook formats)
Amazon (they sell the paperback as well as the Kindle version, just not signed)
Oh man, it feels so good to know people love the book as much as I do.


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